The main bread

This is the main bread that I make. Soft, white, and the perfect type for a burger or dinner roll.

8oz Water

11oz 2% Milk

2oz Butter, diced, room temperature

½ oz Salt

½ oz Yeast (2 packets)

28 oz Bread Flour (King Arthur) divided

               Into 12oz and 16oz

In a mixer, add the 12 oz of flour, butter, salt and yeast.

Mix for 2 minutes.

Combine the water and milk and heat to 115-125 degrees (or if the liquid feels very warm to the touch) then combine with the dry ingredients.

Mix for 7 minutes

Place the dough in an oiled bowl and tightly cover with plastic wrap. Put somewhere warm for about 1 hour or until doubled.

Take out and place on a lightly floured surface cut into 16-20 pieces (16 is a good burger size)

Roll the pieces out into a ball and set aside, covered. When they are all rolled out, the them rest for 10 minutes. Place on your baking sheet and give each one a firm press with the palm of your hand. Cover, preferably with a couche or a kitchen towel. Let sit for another hour

With 15 min left in the rise, put your oven at 400.

Place each tray on different racks for 10 min.  After 10 min, move the top tray to the bottom rack and the bottom tray to the top rack. Bake for 4-6 more minutes or until the tops and the bottoms are brown, not dark brown but not light brown either.